The beauty of disruption

Learning and innovation go hand in hand, it’s an unsaid rule that “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” You can have the joy of natural growth within yourself and the effects of the positive habits you create. But trust me the happiness you would get once you uproot one bad habit from your life that lay on the compost pile is astonishing. And while that’s a wonderful thing, what’s even more inspiring would be the new/positive habit that you decided to fill that space you created in your life.

Two females talking over pottery making

When you break bad habits, you might realize that you have more time to work on a passion project, to be more productive at work, to learn something that scales up your skills, or to explore a new identity. You will choose some of the action/habit/routine that fits well in that space; however, some of it will come from those around you.

For instance, your family is watching you cut down your sugar intake for a week or a month to change something positive about yourself, and they may be motivated by you and try to replace some bad habits with good ones or perhaps form new ones. They may change upon you become aware of your new identity, at which point they may acknowledge your inspiration for their transformation.

Any behavior that is designed is not a solitary pursuit. Each behavior that we design, each change that we make, and each act that we do is another drop in the pond that ripples out. In this way, we reshape our families, friends, communities, and even societies through our actions. The habits we create or replace and perpetuate matter for us as well as for our surroundings.

Create action and venture in the direction of your best selves!

Remember to celebrate every victory