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Building healthy lifestyle habits is not always easy, but what is even more difficult is adhering to a daily treatment prescribed by your doctor. In fact it is a bigger problem than many people realize. We know that up to half of people do not take their treatment as recommended by their doctor1 and a third stop their treatments earlier than recommended.2 If you do not take your treatment, you are unlikely to get the full benefit of what the treatment has to offer to successfully manage your health.

It seems straightforward, but taking daily medication can sometimes be challenging. We all know how hard it can be to break a bad habit or to form a new one.

Take control of your health now through the a:care program!

Be part of an innovative program based on the latest medical research to help you keep on track  with your medication in small, manageable steps.


By providing advice and tips, assisting in building routines, and rewarding successes.


The motivation level is represented by the color of the cube, which starts off green and progressively changes to red. Following tips and advice suggested by the app to keep the cube green.


The battery reflects the level of medication in your body on a daily basis. You’re encouraged to keep the battery green by confirming in the app that you’ve taken your medication as prescribed.


Achieving a series of consecutive green days unlocks virtual rewards, congratulates your patient on advancing to the next level in their health journey, and motivates them to keep it up and work

About a:care

Healthcare professionals and medical societies recognize that taking your treatment as prescribed is much more difficult than it seems. Abbott developed a:care to help you meet this challenge. This program has been supported and endorsed by leading medical societies around the world and top researchers.

The a:care program has been designed for you and your healthcare provider to help you follow and keep up with medical treatments and to take positive steps towards living a better, healthier life.

This website is part of this program. It has been designed to provide you with practical support and information to help you build the habits that will last a lifetime.

a:care is with you, every step of the way.

Get better informed on different diseases and conditions from a large library of information, up to date news and personal experiences of disease management, nutrition and lifestyle support. A wealth of insights and guidance to help you understand and manage your condition better.

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