Understanding the disease


What factors can trigger vertigo?

Vertigo is not an independent disease. There are several disease and drug related side-effects that can cause vertigo1. This is why it is so important to consult a specialist in time: only a doctor can diagnose the true cause of vertigo and prescribe treatment. Conditions in the inner ear Most of the time, vertigo is … Continued


What is vertigo?

Vertigo as a symptom of dizziness Vertigo is a sensation of false movement, mostly described by patients as a sensation of spinning in the head but sometimes as tilting. Vertigo can be accompanied by imbalance, presyncope, and lightheadedness1. Presyncope means lightheadedness or the sense of impending collapse1. Because vertigo provokes a loss of balance, one … Continued


Types of vertigo

Vertigo is often described by patients as a false sense of rotational movement. Many patients who experience vertigo feel lost, frustrated, and confused1. There are two main types of vertigo2: If vertigo arises from a disorder of the ear and the structures around it, it is called peripheral vertigo. On the contrary, if the sensation … Continued