Stack your habits, transform your life

Habit stacking is a tactical approach to develop several beneficial habits by grouping them in a specific order. This approach capitalizes on the idea that incorporating a fresh habit into an existing routine is simpler than establishing a new habit independently. Efficient habit stacking hinges on the choice of small, non-disruptive habits that can easily fit into one’s routine. The habit should be actionable, precise, and preferably short in duration. The sequence of stacked habits is connected to a trigger in the existing daily habit, ensuring consistent and routine execution.

Man looking at a lady with a phone in kitchen

For example, a morning routine trigger a habit of brushing teeth. A possible habit stack could be:

  • After brushing, drink a full glass of lukewarm water
  • Do two minutes of stretching
  • Read headlines in the newspaper
  • Make a to-do list of tasks for the day

Here, the person is not only maintaining dental hygiene, but also promoting hydration, flexibility, current affairs knowledge, and task-oriented focus with positive mindset. These all activities can be completed in short span of time.

Few more examples are, deep breathing exercise during the daily commute, after finishing your lunch take a 10 minutes of walk outside, prepare work or school bag for the next day before going to sleep. Here the key is to connect new habits with already established ones that create a natural flow in your daily life.

The strength of habit stacking lies in its adaptable structure. Habits within the stack can be modified, incorporated or removed as life and priorities changes. Habit stacking can introduce positive changes into daily life. Habit stacking offers a pragmatic approach to behavior modification by exploiting existing routines. Habit stacking emerges as an effective strategy for personal development and goal achievement across diverse domains.

Start Stacking!