Level up your habits – the challenge boost

Know Your Strengths? Let’s break it down with a simple example. Imagine you want to start exercising daily. Begin by rolling out your exercise mat each morning after brushing. Stick to this, and soon you’ll want to do more. Maybe one day, you’ll pause for a quick 10-second stretch. It’s the small steps that’ll make you proud. And before you know it, you’ll think, “Why don’t i try for just 10 more seconds today?” For this kind of habit, understanding your comfort edge is quite easy because the signs are physical: you would be knowing well about your burning muscles and ease/labored breathing. And this is how your routine from just unrolling an exercise mat to maybe doing 30-40 minutes or even 1-hour exercise daily can climb the graph to another level.

Once you will be skilled to find your comfort edge you can see the progress. There could be days when you don’t want to do a lot, you can just stick to your baseline routine to keep the habit alive.

Tips to Fine-Tune Your Habit Challenges:

  • Stay Flexible: Don’t push too hard. Being flexible helps you keep going.
  • Trust Your Gut: If you think you can do a little more, try it! Let your drive decide how much and how long.
  • Celebrate Wins: Did something extra today? Celebrate that! But if you push too much and it feels off, make sure to celebrate even more to stay positive.
  • Boost your abilities and thoughts so you can make the most skillful and effortless choice to nurture yourself.

Challenge Yourself!