Know the skill of adding habit naturally instead of sweating for it

Any change or habit you want to make may not come quickly or without difficulty; however, by adding habit naturally and not forcing it on yourself, almost any behavior may be changed with time and effort. Suppose you planned to build the habit into your life. Choose any three behaviors that can be done in sequence, for instance, turning on the stove burner, sitting for meditation for 3-5 breaths, and drinking a sip of water after you watered your plants.

Here in the above-mentioned example, the larger aspiration might be related to your medical condition that you want to control by preparing a healthy meal for yourself and incorporating some healthy lifestyle choices. Within a couple of days, you will see a change in your behavior with the starting step of turning on the stove, you have started preparing a healthy breakfast and eventually cooking all your meals.

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As you will get deeper into your cooking process, you will realize that it’s hard to cook in a messy kitchen. Your next move might add on for an evening habit of cleaning off the counter closest to your stove, so you’d have sufficient clean space while cooking in the morning. Gradually, you might start cleaning out the sink and doing all the dishes as waking up to a clean kitchen was so nice. These cascading successes of your habit and the natural shape of each behavior would inspire you to add more related habits.

This is just a simple daily life example to see and learn when to add more habits and it won’t be a strict formula for you. It has to be entirely natural and not something you need to sweat too much. You can start with a single habit or a variety of habits and watch what happens naturally.

Be optimistic and see forward movement!

Embrace progress