Piggy riding on established habits – together they are stronger

Ever wondered why forming a new habit is challenging even when we have the best of intentions and motivation? The answer to this question is our already existing habits. We all have some set routines. We habitually perform our daily activities in a certain way at a certain schedule. A new activity that does not fit into this schedule is often missed. Then how can you make learning a new habit less formidable?

The answer to this question is another question, do you know what piggy ride marketing is? This is a smart way of introducing a new product in the market. The new product marketed by piggy riding on a successful and established product. This helps the new product to take advantage of the customer base, retail chains, and other marketing strategies of the existing established product. Also marketing with an established product enhances the trust factor of the new product.

A man carrying a lady on this back

You might have guessed by now that to warm up to a new habit, you can piggy ride on one of your established habits to help make space for the new habit in your schedule. This makes repetitions easier and you take less time to learn the new habit as there is less resistance and the new habit gets seamlessly ingrained in your daily schedule. For example,

  • If you wish to enhance your oral care, and you are already in the good habit of brushing twice a day. Just take advantage of the already well-established habit of brushing and attach the new habits of flossing your teeth and rinsing with mouthwash.
  • Do you routinely walk your kids to the bus stop? You can choose to jog back home and complete a 10-minute cardio session without making a completely different schedule for it.

Stack Your Habits!